Jürg and Trudi Nacht laid the foundation stone for the now almost 30-year success story of the shipyard in Estavayer-le-Lac on Lake Neuchâtel in 1980. By founding Nasta Marine SA, the couple brought their long-held dream of owning their own shipyard business to fruition. Single-mindedness, commitment and a lot of heart and soul went into the venture and, with a keen sense of the nautical market, the right brands of boats and shipyard representations were landed.

Jürg and Trudi Nacht proved they had the golden touch with the Dutch LINSSEN YACHTS. The exclusive, high-quality steel yachts were added to the range way back in 1982. Nasta Marine SA thereby became Europe’s first general importer of the popular steel yachts, ideal for the Swiss lakes. Even after many years of cooperation and the expansion of the Dutch family operation, Nasta Marine SA is still one of the most important agents for LINSSEN YACHTS worldwide.

Parallel to the steel yachts, Nasta Marine SA offered a balanced range of sports boats from the beginning but also focused on the sale of sailing yachts. Over the years, the shipyard specialised and became a provider of motor boats and motor yachts only. At the same time, the range was further extended to appeal to passionate motor boat drivers.

By specialising, both experience and know-how at the shipyard have increased. In the Swiss nautical world as a whole, Nasta Marine is not only the prime address for those looking to buy new or used boats, but has also established itself as a professional shipyard operation for all services.

Hugo Mathys, shareholder and Advisory Board president of Mathys Medizinaltechnik AG in Bettlach, acquired Nasta Marine SA in 2006. Modernisations are being undertaken and a showroom of more than 1000 square metres in size with an office wing has been planned and realised. The new building will be ceremoniously opened in May 2009 for use as intended.

Hugo’s son, Ronny Mathys, has been running the shipyard since 2008. With heart, soul, single-mindedness and a deep-routed passion for watersport, he is writing another chapter in the success story of Nasta Marine SA.